Friday, May 18, 2012

Natural sources

Natural resources are any thing humans use to give us energy and power that occurs naturally on the earth and humans depend on those natural resources in their life time and many of those resources we use them without knowing that exactly that they belong to one of those categories.
Scientists classified resources into two parts or groups the first is renewable and the other is nonrenewable and their is a big difference between them.
Renewable resources that the nature can be replaced again and used again and again for example the water replace water cycle and trees replace trees also the same example for animals and sunlight plants and air all they called renewable resources since we can replace it and use it another time.
On the other hand their is nonrenewable resources that can not be replaced another time and may disappear completely for example the minerals and soils petroleum that can not be replaced another time and the soil as an example can last a long time but if it destroyed it cannot be replaced.

And their are other examples about Nonrenewable resources like the fossil fuels like coal, gas, oil which make energy for us like the cars trucks.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Every day many people born and on the other side many of them dead and this is the strategy of life also in this life their are different level of peoples poor, medium, rich people with different colors and realigns and aspects and opinions and jobs the framer, teacher, scientist...
Every day their is new things we hear in our life reining snowing sun and other but it is really life beautiful since at the end the human will day and the answer is yes it is nice.
Life is as we like we make it nice and we make it bad but the life itself is nice, since god create us for this life to work and worship our god and to help each other the rich people help poor ones and aspect to love each other and to make peace between each other and never to hart each other and kill each other god create us in this life to love and marriage and to have kids also god create us to learn and educate and survive and make technology to meet it in our lives to make our live more faster and easy also god told us to work in this life not to set alone to any body come and give us money to eat god told us to travail in this life to make peace and freedom in it and many other nice concepts really life life is nice.
On the other hand if someone think that life is bad he/she wrong because some humans make it like that since they kill they steal other writes and freedom and they do not love peace and they only look how they live alone without looking at other aspects and writes
For that life as we like but it is nice and even we dead at the end but the good things that we make it in life will go with us to the other life which is more nice. 

Humans and Animals

All living kinds, humans and animals need food to survive, so no body on this life can live without food. Food helps both humans and animals to grow and mature, but each part has his/her own food for example some animals eat plants  and they are called herbivorous, while others eat both plant and animals and they are called omnivorous. and a third part that eats only meat and are called carnivorous. Humans use to eat both; plants and animals at the same time, for example the giraffe eats leaves from treas which it only eat plants and dog eat only meat and the fox can eat both but the food is primary source for both humans and animals to stay alive.
In addition to that, both animals and humans need space to move to find this food and to work for it and both of them need a safe place to live in, for example bees lives in their hives and bears in their dens and humans in their houses. On the other hand humans need some thing that animals do not need which is clothes to protect them selves from the cold and other resources, Animals protect their bodies from the changes of the weather through their body that is covered by hair or fur. Not only that, but also humans and animals  differ in that human have the ability to think and  to be educated, they use to think, learn, solve problems, socialize and work harder to achieve their needs. They create, judge and evaluate and this is absent for animals. Humans work on technology,  but the animals do whatever they want, because they work through imitating behaviors not due to their mental ability.

Scientific poster

     It is really a hard work to design and make a scientific poster, because it needs time, selection of the important ideas, and the meaningful details to encourage and attract people's attention to go deeper in such stated topic and  to observe the information inside this poster. That's why the way we design it, the choice of colors, and fonts are necessary and reflect directly on the audience of such a post, but on the other hand it is very important to have a lot of white space that relaxes the vision. For this reason, I created this poster about a topic that grabs my attention and it is dysfunctional families. I've chosen this topic for  the importance of this subject, that is becoming a problem, that is increasing nowadays and that is observable in every class, and as a teacher I felt the necessity to talk about it, about this problem as a whole, the symptoms of students who have dysfunctional families, how teachers can react with them in class and many other points. Parents and teachers need to learn how to  deal with such students that come from those families and the effects that it make on the child and how the teacher must deal with those children, because in such a case the role of the schools and the teachers is the most beneficial. I decided  to post it hear in my blog to encourage all people to get informed about. I wish it would benefit you all, because I benefited from it through my search and I wish it will help you all. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Every one in our daily lives have routines that he/she apply them during a specific time with a specific roles, and the same thing in classrooms we have routines that the teacher told his/her students at the beginning of the year about them and told students how to apply this roles in their daily life and in the classroom.
And a teacher to success in his/her work they should apply routines in the class daily to have good atmospher and clarity in their classroom to let students respect each other and espect the teacher by this routines and also to save time and it increases the level of understanding for students for example raise your hand for any permision, lesson to each other, to have books and note book each hour infront of them to use nice language between each other for example the teacher told students nice messages" you can do it", or" i believe in you", all that way will motivate students and encourage them for education and make peace and freedom in the class and increase the level of respect and leads to critical thinking.
In addition we most add some routines that a teacher most told his/her students about like the shape of desks to keep them in a u shape, do not play with the card boards to keep the geometric case with them and other ones, for that routines is one of the most strategy that a teacher teach his/her students at the beginning of the year and remind them by this routines every day and apply it to success in teaching work and teach students them to let them apply this routines not only in the class but also in their real life. 


As we know sound travel through walls, windows, floors and water also air but the question that most ask about, can sound travel through solids, gases, liquids? first sounds travel in waves but we most add the waves most be particles that can cause vibrates since all the sound that we hear moves through air and the gases in the air contain particles that make vibration to let the sound travel.
In addition liquid and solids made of particles or materials that let the sound travel inside it,on the other hand if their is no particles that move then the sound will not travel for example if we drop a small rock on the moon can we hear the sound and the answer is no because their is no atmosphere that their is no sound waves. 
For that sound travel through different kinds of matter, and according to the speed the sound moves through the particles of liquid, gases, solid according to the arrangement of the particles  for that the sound is fast in gas more than liquid and solid since the particles in gas more arranged than liquid and solid   


The wheel, candle, stone tool, were used a long years ago, but they were also examples of technology that used at that time that help people to meet their needs and to solve their problems.
Technology plays a big and important role to improve and to make our lives more essential and easy and faster, for example tools and machines make our work easier and faster and we most add medicines help us to protect or selves and to restore our health and live longer, also for example the satellites which predict for us what happens around the world as the computer and internet which make the world as a country in communication and tradition and others done by technology.
But this technology changes as the knowledge of people change and improved more and more according to their needs since this needs and materials increased as it was in the past for example as people learn more about electricity they will predict new things to make electricity like windmill to save our environment also other examples of technology like cars airplanes all those kinds of technology is to help people to meet and faster their lives and it comes from the improvement of their knowledge  


People usually value things that they lose more than things that they have, because things we lose will never return back just as some people in our lives.

Time is one of the things that people miss and value after it passed, we spend hours watching TV or chatting or having fun with friends but we feel time is unlimited when we are studying or working.

I think that time passes quickly while doing things we enjoy and moves slowly when we do boring things or duties we are obliged to do.

An organised person usually organises his time and for sure ana organised person will have a more relaxing and productive life.

As teacher and TD student I try to manage my time between school and my duties there and my duties and assignment for university. It is hard to do that but I try my best not to waste time because once gone, it is never regained.

So readers, Value your time, do important things in it and don't waste it. You can have fun, work, sleep, do some activities and sports, you can do all things you wish to do if you really organise your time. plan for a week ahead and always put an hour as an extra time if any sudden things happen.

Enjoy your time, do not rush it and Use it wisely..

Respect of teachers

In the past their was a big respect for teachers in our countries from people parents and students and even from the government and schools, the teacher at that time about 30 years ago is the member of every thing in the country and all people take his/her opinion for any new situation or problem since their was morals, even inside the school their was respect from the principal of the school to the teacher and inside the classroom all students respect to the teacher and no one of students can not respect the teacher because they know the aim of the teacher.
On the other hand nowadays this condition of respect to teachers change since people do not apply morals as before since the morals does not change but people change, also the government do not respect teacher as past she is not giving him his/her writes money, roles and other and the schools nowadays become business schools for money not for education as before and also parents do not accept any remark from the teacher for the student"approximately".

Immune system

The most important part in our body is the immune system which is essential for our survival.The immune system save our body and disorder may be starting point of many disease.But some times our immune system is to weak and unable to save or to efficiently fight infection of diseases which leads AIDS or human immunodeficiency virus"HIV" and this virus infected individual remains apparently healthy for long time or ADHD and many other diseases that will kill our body and leads to death at the end.
On the other hand many people their immune system is to aggressive and protect our body in a big way that it attack harmless elements from the environment and this immune system is not absolutely good since it is case of allergies

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

knowledge Grows

Stephen gray is a scientist that discover the electrical energy that it could move along a short metal wire and all that when was working at home, also he showed how the materials work together and how it make the wire longer and longer.
On the other hand and by using technology many ways for scientist change in communication and sharing the investigation since by this way other people and scientists can repeat the investigation by comparing their results and expand other ideas by this way the scientific knowledge grows.
for that as knowledge grows by different aspects by growing up the technology since by this way people meet in life more and number of observation and experiments will increase and the researches which lead at the end to grow this knowledge using communication with other people that share their education with each other .
In addition any one should grow up his/her education using different situation through reading and writing books through searching for knew things from technology and know any it come not take it without know how it come, and we most add using and searching for real life examples always helps up to grow knowledge.
finally all of us most grow up our knowledge not copy paste other knowledge but to improve our knowledge to success to have new technology to meet in and help us in our life   

Monday, May 14, 2012



       What is really absent these days, and most people lack, is the patience. Patience is being able to deal with hard and difficult situations with a sense of wisdom, a deep understanding of it and looking through its details. But what is observable these days, and due to social problems, stress and economical gaps, people are becoming faster in their reactions, their personalities are becoming painful, and due to this excessive of problems, they’re becoming aggressive , and their reactions are characterized by being faster, hurtful , and sometimes difficult to be corrected. Not only that, but also being fast in reacting, is unbelievable how it can hurt others, damage their self, and sometimes lead to unexpected results. In such a situation, we have to be calm, relax, and then pinpoint the main problem or the main misconception, go beyond the reasons of it, and then think wiser, state different solutions and after that pinpoint the best solution for such a problem. This way patience will help avoid a disaster that can occur from nothing.
Moreover, teachers must be qualified and characterized by this essential trait, so that through patience, they can control their reactions, explain for students, once , twice, tenths if possible, until the students understand. Through this action teachers will teach students that being patient is essential for the processing of life. It’s important to count for ten before saying a single word that can be in the wrong place for the wrong person.