Life's Logic

I was driving to school, when my brain started analyzing life and changes that occur. It’s a continuous process where we repeat every day’s experience; meeting new people of different characteristics, every person we meet carry different interests, different ways of thinking, and different looks for life. This life is for different reasons, some get educated, to be in the near future, in higher levels of education, while others choose to quit this domain of studying to get into the domain of work directly and this happens for different reasons, either family needs, economical problems, or even satisfaction in their ideas that are against education.After being engaged in the process of both choices, it is beneficial in all cases for the society and all are working to achieve the main purpose of improving society.

People are of different talents that's why they are supposed to be in different positions. This is the reason beyond such a beautiful environment. You can see the wonderful land that attracts your vision with its amazing colors, or the farms that are special in what beneficial products for the health of human. Not only that, you can see the teacher who teaches the morals and the necessary information, the doctor who treat every single person, the red cross and fire fighter, who are ready at any time to save human's life, all together work for the benefit of humanity and all are interrelated forming a continuous cycle, in which none can live without another.

All people are present due to a certain job that specifies their role, to be with or against, to be good or bad, and all these affect the way we, humans deal with life. The bad can become good when socializing with the good, the good can become bad if living with the bad, but nothing is stable, everything can be changed to the benefit of the group. Thus no matter who you are, but what you do is the necessity, so try to be helpful and through wishing the best to others it will be reflected on the way you live. Finally enjoy life and enjoy your position, and believe that life is an interrelated cycle, but work with a good personality. 

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