Wednesday, May 16, 2012


The wheel, candle, stone tool, were used a long years ago, but they were also examples of technology that used at that time that help people to meet their needs and to solve their problems.
Technology plays a big and important role to improve and to make our lives more essential and easy and faster, for example tools and machines make our work easier and faster and we most add medicines help us to protect or selves and to restore our health and live longer, also for example the satellites which predict for us what happens around the world as the computer and internet which make the world as a country in communication and tradition and others done by technology.
But this technology changes as the knowledge of people change and improved more and more according to their needs since this needs and materials increased as it was in the past for example as people learn more about electricity they will predict new things to make electricity like windmill to save our environment also other examples of technology like cars airplanes all those kinds of technology is to help people to meet and faster their lives and it comes from the improvement of their knowledge  

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