Every one on this life has his/her own philosophy of education, since education is the base of lives and without education the person is like a death human.
For that any child grasp his/her primary education from his/her parents for example how to eat, talk...., then after that another situation of education the child face which the basic and the important one to survive such education and improve it which is the school, since in the school the child will learn different concepts about education how to write, read, also learn math, English and other basic education and we most add that a student will  deal with different people with different politics and socioeconomic levels which effect on his/her education that they will become seeing different aspects of people for that we say school is the base of education of any person and in schools the student will learn many morals for example to respect each other to accept the other response to believe in each other.
In addition other factor that affect on the education of a person which is the media and as we know technology is being improved more and more like computers and internet and videos all that will effect on the education of any person that it will increase and motivated more by communication with other people that have different morals and education, technology and morals for that those things helps any person to survive his education and improve it more.
Also the society plays a big role in the education of any person since this human lives in a such society that contain specific tradition and morals and philosophy than other societies for that it effects in a big way on the education of any person.
A person will collect his/her own education according to effect of such things that we mention before and each one has more effect than the other for example family then school, media, society.
Finally what ever this education of each person survive and improved more then more freedom we will have and clarity of life and we will meet more in improving our technology more to make our life more  easier and faster  

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