All of us believe that many things are important in education or teaching skills for students like the curriculum design and the parent’s involvement the clarity of the school and many other aspects but the most important part for education and encouraging such students in education is the teacher according to the learning environment teachers create for students performance according to the respect and feeling between students and teachers for example the teacher should be knowledgeable about what they teach and his/her have emotional intelligence and have classroom management and to be perfect and honest in his/her work and to teach students the routines that they should use them in class and their daily life.

Roles of teacher:  

The teacher duty is to encourage and achieve students for education to let students love schools and education and to enjoy with this education not to punish them in education and to encourage students to ask question and to provide a suitable environment and the teacher judgment about the types and kinds of materials that are the most important to encourage students and to the materials that is more ultimate worth, also teaching is a high teaching morals calling and the teacher should teach students those morals and to serve as exemplary models.
Also another role of teacher is to help students in understanding any concept using different real life examples and different materials using Blooms taxonomy plan in his discussion to let student apply and create and think critically not to memorize.
Also in the discussion the first thing a teacher do is to attract the attention of students using different models and strategies before beginning any discussion and activate their prior knowledge then to begin the discussion using different strategies and i aspect to always use group working and technology in the work of the teacher to motivate students more.
another aspect a teacher most do in his/her work is to assess student about what he/she taught them in the classroom and to use performance tasks in the assessment and to be careful about how to assess students for example to assess them according to the related targets and what taught int he classroom and to give the students the limited time needed for all students according to their levels also to see if our exam is valid and reliable according to the concepts that the teacher put and if all students are able to deal with such questions.
In addition the teachers should always assess his/her students according to such question asked in the discussion to see if they understand or not.


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