Thursday, May 17, 2012

Scientific poster

     It is really a hard work to design and make a scientific poster, because it needs time, selection of the important ideas, and the meaningful details to encourage and attract people's attention to go deeper in such stated topic and  to observe the information inside this poster. That's why the way we design it, the choice of colors, and fonts are necessary and reflect directly on the audience of such a post, but on the other hand it is very important to have a lot of white space that relaxes the vision. For this reason, I created this poster about a topic that grabs my attention and it is dysfunctional families. I've chosen this topic for  the importance of this subject, that is becoming a problem, that is increasing nowadays and that is observable in every class, and as a teacher I felt the necessity to talk about it, about this problem as a whole, the symptoms of students who have dysfunctional families, how teachers can react with them in class and many other points. Parents and teachers need to learn how to  deal with such students that come from those families and the effects that it make on the child and how the teacher must deal with those children, because in such a case the role of the schools and the teachers is the most beneficial. I decided  to post it hear in my blog to encourage all people to get informed about. I wish it would benefit you all, because I benefited from it through my search and I wish it will help you all. 

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