Tuesday, May 15, 2012

knowledge Grows

Stephen gray is a scientist that discover the electrical energy that it could move along a short metal wire and all that when was working at home, also he showed how the materials work together and how it make the wire longer and longer.
On the other hand and by using technology many ways for scientist change in communication and sharing the investigation since by this way other people and scientists can repeat the investigation by comparing their results and expand other ideas by this way the scientific knowledge grows.
for that as knowledge grows by different aspects by growing up the technology since by this way people meet in life more and number of observation and experiments will increase and the researches which lead at the end to grow this knowledge using communication with other people that share their education with each other .
In addition any one should grow up his/her education using different situation through reading and writing books through searching for knew things from technology and know any it come not take it without know how it come, and we most add using and searching for real life examples always helps up to grow knowledge.
finally all of us most grow up our knowledge not copy paste other knowledge but to improve our knowledge to success to have new technology to meet in and help us in our life   

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