Friday, May 18, 2012

Natural sources

Natural resources are any thing humans use to give us energy and power that occurs naturally on the earth and humans depend on those natural resources in their life time and many of those resources we use them without knowing that exactly that they belong to one of those categories.
Scientists classified resources into two parts or groups the first is renewable and the other is nonrenewable and their is a big difference between them.
Renewable resources that the nature can be replaced again and used again and again for example the water replace water cycle and trees replace trees also the same example for animals and sunlight plants and air all they called renewable resources since we can replace it and use it another time.
On the other hand their is nonrenewable resources that can not be replaced another time and may disappear completely for example the minerals and soils petroleum that can not be replaced another time and the soil as an example can last a long time but if it destroyed it cannot be replaced.

And their are other examples about Nonrenewable resources like the fossil fuels like coal, gas, oil which make energy for us like the cars trucks.

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