Wednesday, May 16, 2012


As we know sound travel through walls, windows, floors and water also air but the question that most ask about, can sound travel through solids, gases, liquids? first sounds travel in waves but we most add the waves most be particles that can cause vibrates since all the sound that we hear moves through air and the gases in the air contain particles that make vibration to let the sound travel.
In addition liquid and solids made of particles or materials that let the sound travel inside it,on the other hand if their is no particles that move then the sound will not travel for example if we drop a small rock on the moon can we hear the sound and the answer is no because their is no atmosphere that their is no sound waves. 
For that sound travel through different kinds of matter, and according to the speed the sound moves through the particles of liquid, gases, solid according to the arrangement of the particles  for that the sound is fast in gas more than liquid and solid since the particles in gas more arranged than liquid and solid   

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