Thursday, May 17, 2012

Humans and Animals

All living kinds, humans and animals need food to survive, so no body on this life can live without food. Food helps both humans and animals to grow and mature, but each part has his/her own food for example some animals eat plants  and they are called herbivorous, while others eat both plant and animals and they are called omnivorous. and a third part that eats only meat and are called carnivorous. Humans use to eat both; plants and animals at the same time, for example the giraffe eats leaves from treas which it only eat plants and dog eat only meat and the fox can eat both but the food is primary source for both humans and animals to stay alive.
In addition to that, both animals and humans need space to move to find this food and to work for it and both of them need a safe place to live in, for example bees lives in their hives and bears in their dens and humans in their houses. On the other hand humans need some thing that animals do not need which is clothes to protect them selves from the cold and other resources, Animals protect their bodies from the changes of the weather through their body that is covered by hair or fur. Not only that, but also humans and animals  differ in that human have the ability to think and  to be educated, they use to think, learn, solve problems, socialize and work harder to achieve their needs. They create, judge and evaluate and this is absent for animals. Humans work on technology,  but the animals do whatever they want, because they work through imitating behaviors not due to their mental ability.

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