Thursday, May 17, 2012


Every day many people born and on the other side many of them dead and this is the strategy of life also in this life their are different level of peoples poor, medium, rich people with different colors and realigns and aspects and opinions and jobs the framer, teacher, scientist...
Every day their is new things we hear in our life reining snowing sun and other but it is really life beautiful since at the end the human will day and the answer is yes it is nice.
Life is as we like we make it nice and we make it bad but the life itself is nice, since god create us for this life to work and worship our god and to help each other the rich people help poor ones and aspect to love each other and to make peace between each other and never to hart each other and kill each other god create us in this life to love and marriage and to have kids also god create us to learn and educate and survive and make technology to meet it in our lives to make our live more faster and easy also god told us to work in this life not to set alone to any body come and give us money to eat god told us to travail in this life to make peace and freedom in it and many other nice concepts really life life is nice.
On the other hand if someone think that life is bad he/she wrong because some humans make it like that since they kill they steal other writes and freedom and they do not love peace and they only look how they live alone without looking at other aspects and writes
For that life as we like but it is nice and even we dead at the end but the good things that we make it in life will go with us to the other life which is more nice. 

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