Wednesday, May 16, 2012


People usually value things that they lose more than things that they have, because things we lose will never return back just as some people in our lives.

Time is one of the things that people miss and value after it passed, we spend hours watching TV or chatting or having fun with friends but we feel time is unlimited when we are studying or working.

I think that time passes quickly while doing things we enjoy and moves slowly when we do boring things or duties we are obliged to do.

An organised person usually organises his time and for sure ana organised person will have a more relaxing and productive life.

As teacher and TD student I try to manage my time between school and my duties there and my duties and assignment for university. It is hard to do that but I try my best not to waste time because once gone, it is never regained.

So readers, Value your time, do important things in it and don't waste it. You can have fun, work, sleep, do some activities and sports, you can do all things you wish to do if you really organise your time. plan for a week ahead and always put an hour as an extra time if any sudden things happen.

Enjoy your time, do not rush it and Use it wisely..

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