Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Respect of teachers

In the past their was a big respect for teachers in our countries from people parents and students and even from the government and schools, the teacher at that time about 30 years ago is the member of every thing in the country and all people take his/her opinion for any new situation or problem since their was morals, even inside the school their was respect from the principal of the school to the teacher and inside the classroom all students respect to the teacher and no one of students can not respect the teacher because they know the aim of the teacher.
On the other hand nowadays this condition of respect to teachers change since people do not apply morals as before since the morals does not change but people change, also the government do not respect teacher as past she is not giving him his/her writes money, roles and other and the schools nowadays become business schools for money not for education as before and also parents do not accept any remark from the teacher for the student"approximately".

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