Many people see that math is abstract and we cannot teach students form real life about its concepts as many teachers do using memorization in education and that condition is not true.
Math comes from real life and there is no rules in math come from imagination but all rules in math come from real life for example operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, powers, fractions) all that come from what we use in our daily life and there are hundreds of examples a teacher can use in his/her discussion for example if anyone need to buy anything from supermarket he/she most know all types of operation to calculate what she/he is buying or if anyone want to divide a cake they most know fraction to know how to divide the cake and other examples 
Also another example about one of the major units i math is geometry and that included all shapes and designs that we see in our daily life like the triangles and quadrilaterals circles and we most include areas and perimeters and other subjects that included in math and used in real life for example to build a house we need geometry to show the distances and areas and angles of the design of the house( windows, doors...) and if we want to buy a land we most see the area of this land and its parameter  

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