Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Every one in our daily lives have routines that he/she apply them during a specific time with a specific roles, and the same thing in classrooms we have routines that the teacher told his/her students at the beginning of the year about them and told students how to apply this roles in their daily life and in the classroom.
And a teacher to success in his/her work they should apply routines in the class daily to have good atmospher and clarity in their classroom to let students respect each other and espect the teacher by this routines and also to save time and it increases the level of understanding for students for example raise your hand for any permision, lesson to each other, to have books and note book each hour infront of them to use nice language between each other for example the teacher told students nice messages" you can do it", or" i believe in you", all that way will motivate students and encourage them for education and make peace and freedom in the class and increase the level of respect and leads to critical thinking.
In addition we most add some routines that a teacher most told his/her students about like the shape of desks to keep them in a u shape, do not play with the card boards to keep the geometric case with them and other ones, for that routines is one of the most strategy that a teacher teach his/her students at the beginning of the year and remind them by this routines every day and apply it to success in teaching work and teach students them to let them apply this routines not only in the class but also in their real life. 

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