Technology is the most important aspect that is improving by human being to meet their lives and to make our life more judged and meaningful and faster specially for teachers and students and other like scientists.
Integrating technology by the instructor Mrs Amal Farhat is really an important course that teach such students and teachers and master students how to deal with technology and internet by making different projects like       I-Earn or the business card and our personal blog and also the web quest, scientific poster and a group work using a template that each group make her own scientific project, and we really enjoy and learn many things in this course that we do not know before like in the Microsoft and PowerPoint and the way we design such poster for that is it really important for any student to deal with such course to learn more about technology and its aspects.
first activity that we make at the begneninig of the course is our own business card

Also the other activity which was about the web quest that each pair make a web Quest and i make it with Dikran i physics teacher and TD student and the project was about the windmill and how to provide electricity with the windmill
And we most add the personal blog for each student to put inside it his/her personal and scientific education
And lastly the site of this course for any discussion or reamrark or any person like to see the projects of the students is!


  1. yes i think this course will benefit us, i think as educated educators we have to be educated in a wider range that in turn will benefit the learning process until achieving success from both sides the teacher and the student

  2. you is write mouniba and i wish to success and to benefit from this course.