Monday, May 14, 2012



       What is really absent these days, and most people lack, is the patience. Patience is being able to deal with hard and difficult situations with a sense of wisdom, a deep understanding of it and looking through its details. But what is observable these days, and due to social problems, stress and economical gaps, people are becoming faster in their reactions, their personalities are becoming painful, and due to this excessive of problems, they’re becoming aggressive , and their reactions are characterized by being faster, hurtful , and sometimes difficult to be corrected. Not only that, but also being fast in reacting, is unbelievable how it can hurt others, damage their self, and sometimes lead to unexpected results. In such a situation, we have to be calm, relax, and then pinpoint the main problem or the main misconception, go beyond the reasons of it, and then think wiser, state different solutions and after that pinpoint the best solution for such a problem. This way patience will help avoid a disaster that can occur from nothing.
Moreover, teachers must be qualified and characterized by this essential trait, so that through patience, they can control their reactions, explain for students, once , twice, tenths if possible, until the students understand. Through this action teachers will teach students that being patient is essential for the processing of life. It’s important to count for ten before saying a single word that can be in the wrong place for the wrong person.

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